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Taking Back Sunday -- Chapter 5

[Title] Taking Back Sunday
[Author] dejectedmadness
[Rating] Eventually NC-17. This chapter… PG-13 for boykissing/light touching.
[Chapter Listing] .:1:. .:2:. .:3:..:4:. 5/?
[Disclaimer] I am posting fanFICTION. Neither the characters nor the ideas belong to me, just the plot specific to this story. No profit is being made off of this fiction, it is being written solely for my entertainment and for the entertainment of others as warped as I am. Don't sue.
[Band/Pairing]Brand New/Straylight Run, Jesse Lacey/Brian Lane, Jesse Lacey/John Nolan
[Summary] Jesse makes a new friend about whom John is not particularly fond for reasons as yet only speculated upon.
[X-Posted] rockinthebed, slashypunkboys, _brand_new_love, lacey_loves_jno
[Author’s Notes] This isn’t intended to be particularly AU, although it is a high school fic, and it has some anachronistic tendencies.

While writing this chapter I used the word Sofa. Then I worried that previously I had used the word Couch instead (Couch is Canadian for Sofa… that or Chesterfield, but I don’t know anyone who actually uses that word). So I checked back and miraculously I HAD used Sofa before. Weird.

This chapter, I sort of see it as a failure on the part of this story. It feels like filler for some reason, I think because I indulged myself a little bit, but it was meant to have a purpose. Well two purposes: Bringing the boys closer, and forming a new sort of bond between them musically. However, it still feels like filler to me. I am not happy with it. Comments are love. Sorry this took so long to post, I have been swamped with end-of-term work lately. The next one is already done, as well as the one after that. As soon as they are betaed, they'll be posted.

( Chapter Five )
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