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Taking Back Sunday -- Chapter 12

[Title] Taking Back Sunday
[Author] dejectedmadness
[Rating] FINALLY NC-17 for boykissing/touching/sexual contact/boysecks!!!
[Chapter Listing] .:1:. .:2:. .:3:. .:4:. .:5:. .:6:. .:7:. .:8:. .:9:. .:10:. .:11:. 12/?
[Disclaimer] I am posting fanFICTION. Neither the characters nor the ideas belong to me, just the plot specific to this story. No profit is being made off of this fiction, it is being written solely for my entertainment and for the entertainment of others as warped as I am. Don't sue.
[Band/Pairing] Brand New/Straylight Run, Jesse Lacey/Brian Lane, Jesse Lacey/John Nolan
[Summary] Jesse makes a new friend about whom John is not particularly fond for reasons as yet only speculated upon.
[X-Posted] rockinthebed, slashypunkboys, _brand_new_love, lacey_loves_jno[Author’s Notes] This isn’t intended to be particularly AU, although it is a high school fic, and it has some anachronistic tendencies.

Note of awesome: Mavericks is where I first saw Viscera’s Recital and Social Code and the last place I ever saw Blue Skies at War. Just the awesomest damn bar in Ottawa. They always have the coolest people playing there. I don’t know if there is somewhere called Mavericks in Long Island, but we can pretend. We can’t pretend they are cooler than Ottawa-Mavericks because there is no such thing… except maybe Ottawa-Zaphod Beeblebrox. Too much coolness. Sorry.

And I figure it would probably be a good idea to extend an apology to everyone who has been following this story. I realize that it is hard to keep up with authors who abandon their work, and I just want to reassure everyone that I have no intention of doing anything of the sort. Between finishing my 4th of 5 years of an Aerospace Engineering degree, including exams and projects all due at once, starting a new job, and moving into a new house, things have been less than stable lately. However, things will hopefully become regular again soon. I have dedicated the rest of my day to writing the next chapter of this story in anticipation for seeing Brand New in concert in Montreal tomorrow night. Please don't give up on me or this story. I promise I will update more regularly from now on (for what it's worth).

( Chapter Twelve )
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